Roadmap for Q4 2021

3 min readOct 4, 2021

We are pleased with the launch of the app and the positive feedback we have received. Our attention now turns to the next few months of building and growth. In this article we’ll be detailing our plan to get us there quickly with our Q4 2021 Roadmap.

To keep with our volcanic theme, we will be identifying the planned phases of development by name. Q4 2021 will culminate in the release of Version 🌋Mount Vesuvius, with more phases to come.


Product Performance / UI / UX

  • ✅Improve user experience (UX) of the product
  • ✅Improve user interface (UI) of the product
  • ✅Improve mobile navigation / responsiveness

TradingView chart

In order to offer a comprehensive crypto tracking tool, we will integrate a live trading chart to all dashboards instead of the static price chart.

This will ensure visitors have a critical tool for conducting their due diligence on the app. This will also decrease the bounce rate (a web statistic that partly influences how well we rank on web search results).

This will be a big part of the Q4 2021 work.

  • ✅Trading chart (candles)
  • ✅Display candles by hour, days, weeks, month
  • ✅Data auto update
  • ✅Trading tools
  • ✅Trading info
  • The displayed pair will be selected in project’s admin portal

More information about projects and tokens

  • Issue date & price
  • ✅Pool size
  • ✅Total liquidity

Last transactions update

  • Filters to display only the data you want to see (sell, buy, transfer, large operations)
  • Display the “Maker” address on sell and buy operations
  • ✅Improvement of mobile display


  • Display of the total amount of burned tokens
  • Percentage of max supply
  • The total amount of burn will be updated in project’s admin portal

Vulkania Rank

  • ✅ Improvement of the “Vulkania Rank” algorithm
  • ✅Based on 3 criteria: 24h visits, total holders & holders gained over 24h
  • ✅The formula will remain proprietary. It will highlight the most active communities on

Blockchain integration

  • ✅R&D on new blockchains support to get your favorite non-BEP20 and non-ERC20 projects listed ASAP.

As well as the above, we are working on a number of other developments to improve user experience, marketing and VLK use cases.


  • ✅Improvement of organic referencing (SEO)
  • ✅Marketing campaigns to reach new projects to be listed: target 100 by the end of December
  • ✅Listing “Claim” System to allow community members to “claim” a project in order to earn any referral bonus for securing the listing of that project
  • ✅Listing of well-known projects like WBNB, CAKE, LINK.
  • Community empowerment


  • ✅ Integration of Trevor (USA), Head of Business Development, into the team
  • ✅ Integration of Steven (USA), Strategy Advisor, into the team
  • ✅ Integration of John (UK), Strategy Advisor, into the team
  • ✅ Integration of Aleksandar (Serbia), Community Manager, into the team


  • ✅The equivalent of 50% of the VLK burned this quarter by the reflection system will be burned in addition.


  • 3rd & 4th progressive burn
  • Referral system for website traffic with VLK rewards
  • Addition of BSC/ETH bridge tokens on the dashboard
  • Premium features for VLK holders
  • Support of new blockchains
  • ✅Implementing advertisement on the platform