Monthly Report: September 2021

Dear community,

September started with a bang with the release of the application and exceedingly insightful feedback. Some adjustments have been made and many new features are coming. Our community has too many great ideas!

Here is a summary of the month of September:

Some numbers for you

About VLK

  • 6,972 Total holders
  • 24,956 Total transactions
  • 1,933 Transactions in September
  • 10.9M Mcap
  • 2,480,844 VLK monthly transfered
  • 131,960 VLK monthly reflect fee holders reward 💸
  • 26,391 VLK monthly reflect fee burn 🔥

Our amazing community

  • 11.8k Telegram members
  • 33,690 Twitter Followers
  • 74 Tweets
  • 717,000 Tweets impressions
  • 3,449 Mentions

App stats

  • 8,766 unique visitors
  • 21,862 sessions
  • 45,492 page views
  • 🏆 The most visited dashboard were: #1 Revolution Populi (6,225 views), #2 Floki Inu (4,841 views), #3 Vulkania (4,105 views), #4 Wall Street Games (1,867 views), #5 Autralian Safe Shepherd (1,727 views)
  • Top 5 visitors by country were: #1 United States, #2 Turkey, #3 United Kingdom, #4 India, #5 Germany Launch summary was launched with 6 dashboards on August 30, 2021:

At the moment, the two supported blockchains are: Ethereum (ERC20) & Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

12 new dashboards have been listed on September:

Q4 Roadmap

We are pleased with the launch of the app and the positive feedback we have received. Our attention now turns to the next few months of building and growth.

Here is the Q4 roadmap detailing developments we will be focusing on in the near future. Read more HERE.

Vulkania team is growing

At the end of September, we welcomed 4 new people in the team who will support us in all marketing and strategic aspects:

  • Trevor, USA, Head of Business Development
  • Stevent, USA, Strategy advisor
  • John, UK, Strategy advisor
  • Aleksendar, Serbia, Community Manager

Vulkania partners with Coinsbit

Since September 15, 2021, VLK is available on Coinsbit Exchange with 3 pairs: VLK/USDT, VLK/ETH & VLK/BTC.

Vulkania partners with CoinTigerEx

Since September 7, 2021, VLK is available on CoinTiger Exchange with a VLK/USDT pair.


Founded in April 2021, offers customizable Blockchain Dashboards, one stop solutions for gathering data of crypto projects while saving time. The value proposition is bolstered by VLK, a BEP20 token based on Binance Smart Chain. The token is designed to reward holders. Every single transaction made will result in a 6% fee: 1% is burned and 5% are instantly split among all holders.

For more information about, visit:

For more information about VLK, visit:

💥 To be listed and have your own dashboard, fill out the form



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