Monthly Report: November 2021

Here is the summary for the month of November:

Some numbers for you

About VLK

  • 7,082 Total holders
  • 27,440 Total transaction
  • 1,059 Transactions in November
  • 3.2M Mcap
  • 4,032,668 VLK transferred
  • 214,503 VLK transaction reflection reward to holders 💸 +68.6%
  • 42,901 VLK reflection fee burnt 🔥 +68.6%

Our amazing community

  • 10,059 Telegram members
  • 40,085 Twitter Followers +7%
  • 47 Tweets
  • 483,000 Tweets impressions
  • 10,700 Mentions

App stats

  • 16,353 unique visitors +44.6%
  • 33,995 sessions +32%
  • 68,703 page views +39.9%
  • 🏆 The most visited dashboards were: #1 Floki Inu (6,032 views), #2 Shiba Inu (5,681 views), #3 xFUND (4,518 views), #4 Revolution Populi (3,667 views), #5 Wall Street Games (3,339 views)
  • Top 5 visitors by country were: #1 United States, #2 Turkey, #3 United Kingdom, #4 India, #5 Indonesia,

Listing of 20 new dashboards in November:

Vulkania ranking as of December 1, 2021

At the moment, the two supported blockchains are: Ethereum (ERC20) & Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

20 new dashboards have been listed on November:

The new version of is coming Dec. 14!

On December 14, we will be launching our much anticipated Mount Vesuvius version 🌋which will contain, among other features:

  • Trading view chart
  • Real-time transfers
  • Liquidity pool information
  • Optimization of mobile dashboards

The whole team is working hard to offer you an even more efficient and transparent tool. The new features will improve the user experience but above all will attract (and bring back to a large number of new visitors and potential $VLK investors.

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Telegram and Medium channels for sneak peaks as we get closer to the launch date on December 14th🔥.

Claim Portal ALPHA

Vulkania’s success relies on a robust portfolio of projects. Ensure your favorite projects are listed by introducing those projects to Vulkania. Successful listing referrals are paid to you in VLK tokens for your efforts.

Essentially, if you get a project to apply to Vulkania, they meet the listing requirements and agrees to the cross promotional items, we’ll pay you in VLK tokens. For the first 200 projects listed we will pay a 100 VLK reward per referral.

Already 8 dashboards have been created thanks to the claim system and the incredible contributions of those participating in the program.

Stay tuned for the expansion of our referral program. The claim portal was only the start. Details to come soon.

Read more about the Referral System:

Progressive Web App (PWA) Release

75% of traffic visiting is using mobile devices. It is therefore critical to ensure that users’ mobile experience is just as good, if not better than users that visit on their desktop computers. We had this in mind when developing the website and now we are proud to announce a simple but useful tool: Our Progressive Web App.

Read more about Vulkania PWA:

A first step into advertising

The first advertising banners have appeared on the homepage and on the dashboards. Advertising is one of the many revenue streams we are bringing online. All advertising is paid directly in VLK tokens and, just like all transactions of VLK, a percentage is reflected to our holders and a percentage is burnt.

Multi-chain dashboards

A feature originally planned for Q1 2022, Vulkania now has the functionality to display multichain dashboards (BSC+ETH) through popular demand we were inspired to implement this ahead of schedule.

Floki Inu & UTU coin are the first projects to benefit from it with more on the way.

How does it work?

  • You can switch from ETH dashboard to BSC dashboard by clicking on the “switch to” button.
  • Our proprietary Vulkania Rank adjusts for this by calculating the highest MarketCap while taking into account the number of holders, transfers and visits across both dashboards to provide an accurate Vulkania Score.


Founded in April 2021, offers customizable Blockchain Dashboards, one stop solutions for gathering data of crypto projects while saving time. The value proposition is bolstered by VLK, a BEP20 token based on Binance Smart Chain. The token is designed to reward holders. Every single transaction made will result in a 6% fee: 1% is burned and 5% are instantly split among all holders.

For more information about, visit:

For more information about VLK, visit:

💥 To be listed and have your own dashboard, fill out the form



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