Monthly Report: June 2021

Dear community,

During June, we have been working hard on the development of the Vulkania application. We are pleased to announce that the Alpha version is coming soon and will be available on August 30, 2021.

We can’t wait to show you what we are building!

Did you notice our hint in the banner above?

Some numbers for you:

  • 3,139 Total holders
  • 15,007 Total transactions
  • 3.3M Mcap
  • 16k Telegram members
  • 21.8k Twitter Followers

DAAS is coming soon!

During the month of June, we continued to develop the first version of the Vulkania platform, called DAAS.

We shared in this article some improvements and first designs of the app.

282K VLK additionally burned

In addition to our on chain burning mechanism we burned another 282K VLK, decreasing the total supply even more.

Here are the transactions:

Listing on LunarCrush

VLK has been listed on LunarCrush and reached a Galaxy Score of 73/100.

Hotbit trading competition

Staking Pool on JulSwap

20K Followers on Twitter

We reached the 20K+ followers on Twitter! A big thank you to the community. Be sure to follow us on Twitter if you haven’t done so already.



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