VLK giveaway distribution — Round 1

Dear community,

Our first giveaway has now been completed. It was a success since 3000+ people filled in the form, we’re thankful for all of your participations!

Our team wishes to be transparent regarding the situation:

Last Sunday we launched the VLK token on PancakeSwap. The token launch was a real success and we have been overwhelmed by requests. We are thankful to all the people who supported the project. We are here to stay.

To be honest, we didn’t expect such a huge growth for the VLK token. In order to keep a substaintable token growth and to prevent a “giveaway dump” effect from our holders end, we decided to distribute the 800,000 VLK tokens through batches, such as follows:

Batch 1: 8–9th May (50 winners, 4000 VLK tokens each)

Batch 2: 22–23th May (50 winners, 4000 VLK tokens each)

Batch 3: 5–6th June(50 winners, 4000 VLK tokens each)

Batch 4: 19–20th June (50 winners, 4000 VLK tokens each)

Here is a link containing a list of all the winners.

Have a good day,

The Vulkania team




Next-Gen Blockchain Dashboards

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Next-Gen Blockchain Dashboards

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