Release of v1.0 #MountVesuvius

We are proud to present version 1.0 of app, named #MountVesuvius.

Launched only 3 months ago, the application reached over one thousand unique users per day and this number is growing thanks to our wonderful community’s feedback and social engagement. With the beta product fully establish, the focus now is to make visiting Vulkania a habit for all of our users using the most complete dashboard analytics to date.

What’s new?

Trading View chart

We have replaced the price chart with a Trading View chart for a more accurate analysis. The chart is what you are likely already familiar with: All time scales, zoom functionalities, and indicators. In addition to the price and volume curve, many options are available to display additional data.

The technical analysis tools are also present to allow TA-experienced users to establish and share their projections.

ALPACA trading chart — 2021–12–13 16:56pm GMT

Latest transactions

The “Latest transactions” UI block has been reworked in order to display more information on each transfer:

  • Purchase/sale/transfer price
  • Total transaction value (in BNB or ETH)
  • Trading pair
  • Originating DEX

We have also modified the transfer fetch system. We are now directly connected to BSC and Ethereum nodes, which allows us to retrieve and display the transactions in real time.

FLOKI transfers — 2021–12–13 16:43pm GMT

Price & Market Cap update

Thanks to the previous improvements, we can display real-time price and market cap data derived from the last transaction.

Pools & Liquidity

The liquidity of the liquidity pools (LPs) is now displayed. You can now see in real time just how much of any particular coin is left to buy in any particular LP for that coin. Users now have access to the following information:

  • Pair & DEX
  • Pair address to copy/paste
  • Total liquidity
  • Pooled base
  • Pooled token
  • Percentage of total supply in the LP
VLK liquidity — 2021–12–13 16:43pm GMT

Visits history

Although not planned in the roadmap of the quarter, users can now view the visit history of each dashboard to get additional ideas on how the project’s social trend is moving. Displaying by 7 days, 30 days and 3 months.

WBNB dashboard visits for December


An autogenerated FAQs block has been added to each dashboard in order to improve our natural referencing (SEO). This will lead to more “real estate” occupied on Google search results for the coins we have listed.

VLK FAQs example

We are working with the Reklam5 agency to improve our SEO and increase the number of organic visits.

What’s next?

We have no shortage of ideas for the future: affiliate system, self-serve advertising systems, lite dashboards for unlisted tokens, premium features… the list goes on.

Not to forget about our beloved VLK token itself, which will be the focus of our attention in the short term. For each new tool, a use case for the VLK is established!

Everything will be described on the next roadmap.

Stay tuned!



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