Progressive Web App Released

75% of traffic visiting are using mobile devices. It is critical to ensure that users’ mobile experience is just as good, if not better than users that visit on their desktop computers. We had this in mind when developing the website and now we are proud to announce a simple but useful tool: Our Progressive Web App.

While device responsivity is certainly worked into our design of the website when visiting from your mobile browser, the PWA streamlines the site’s display and speed for an immersive user experience.

Dynamic data and database access which translates to faster load times even in areas with poor internet connections, push notifications on hot coins pushing up the Vulkania Rank and no need messing around in your phone’s app store or updating are just a few additional benefits for leveraging the Vulkania app.

And, of course, our app is indexable just like our website which helps in boosting their exposure in the cryptosphere.

Mobile users can easily install the Vulkania application on their mobile device. When you visit, at the bottom of the homescreen you will see an option to add the Vulkania PWA to your Home Screen.

The download is near-instant and the app will automatically open. You’ll be able to enjoy the sleek experience immediately as Vulkania launches in full screen.

If you do not see the notification at the bottom of the home screen, simply clear your browsers cache (Settings >> History >> Clear Cache) and refresh the website. The notification will show below for immediate access.



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