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Vulkania Project Referral Program Launched

The development team and listing management team have been diligently working and the fruits of that labor have been seen in website updates, features and wave after wave of new listings (with more to come). Now, with TradingView chart implementation right around the corner, it’s time to open the flood gates.

So many of our community have dedicated their time to provide invaluable feedback and new ideas that we have already implemented or have documented in our todos. We want to appropriately convey our appreciation by launching our Project Listing Referral Program Alpha early to you.

What is The Project Referral Program & What Does it Pay?

Vulkania’s success relies on a robust portfolio of projects. Ensure your favorite projects are listed by introducing those projects to Vulkania. Successful listing referrals are paid to you in VLK tokens for your efforts. Essentially, if you get a project to apply to Vulkania, they meet the listing requirements and agrees to the cross promotional items, we’ll pay you in VLK tokens.

For the first 200 projects listed we will pay 100 VLK in referral reward. The referral rewards will continue after the first 200 projects but at a lesser rate. We expect 50 VLK but this is subject to change.

How It Works

All you have to do is “claim” a project by contacting Vulkania team member @Dr_T_123 on Telegram and then communicate with your claimed project’s team to complete the short application. Once they apply, the VLK team will take over discussions. If your claimed project meets the minimum requirements and agrees to the cross promotional items between your claimed project and Vulkania, then you’ll be paid your referral reward.

Now, we have a fancy claim and payment portal in development but that won’t be ready until Q1 2022. So we wanted to push out this “alpha” version to you so our more than capable community can take advantage of this referral program ASAP. And this referral program is only ½ of the referral system we have in the works. Details to come later.

Minimum Requirements to List

Projects you claim and intend to complete the application must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be on the ETH or BSC blockchains. Bridges and dual-chain projects are still acceptable.
  2. Must have an active Telegram channel in which the community can comment. “Announcement-Only” channels do not count. Community members must be able to comment.
  3. Must be listed on Future plans to list on CMC are acceptable but we will not list until they are also listed on CMC.

Also, an important note regarding applications: Project Listing Applications MUST be completed by a team member of the project. The Listing Application cannot be completed by a community member or yourself (unless you are a team member of the project).

Resources to Help Your Outreach to Projects

Don’t worry. We wouldn’t just give you a listing form and send you on your way. We have assembled resources for you to use in your outreach. Templatized introductions, one-pager explainer PDF, explainer videos, logos, banners and some basic training on the value proposition you bring to the table. All of which can be accessed here.

You are all empowered to be ambassadors for Vulkania.

👉 Access The Vulkania Project Referral Program & Resources Now



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